Dear Humans

Dear Humans, Truth be told, I have had an awful past couple of days: I failed an examination, which has never happened over the course of my life (actually I have always been a nerd), the boyfriend and I are on the verge of breaking up, my phone broke, I am also broke, my parents

I do not want to hit backspace

I bought a typewriter because I do not want to hit backspace. I do not want to hit backspace on any of my life. I have an uncanny ability to hide away moments that have passed to a point where they becomes blurry and I am unsure as to whether they actually did happen or


At times I feel happy, and at times I feel sad. The problem is that these emotions tend to occur in quick succession making others (and even myself) feel like I am crazy. I believe it is just a result of my mind running too quickly to a fault. I don’t have a diagnosis in

The fear of being forgotten

The thought that frightens most people is that of being forgotten, whether in their lifetime or after their physical deaths. The disenfranchised, the runaways, and all those living on the fringe of society are our constant reminder of that fear. For that reason, we think we need to feel important, or to feel needed so

Hell is cold

Hell is cold. I am sure of it. It is like a snowstorm on the coldest winter day, where humans’ efforts toward shielding themselves against an angry flurry of white snowflakes are futile. A place of loneliness and selfishness, where care is directed only toward the survival of the self, so no one notices or